My photo. Pelican Little Sarasota Bay at Blackburn Point. Florida! 2015

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunrise......."she will find her place in the sun..."

"...Young girl ain't got no chances 
No roots to keep her strong 
She's shed all pretenses 
That someday she'll belong 
Some folks call her a runaway 
A failure in the race 
But she knows where her ticket takes her 
She will find her place in the sun... 

Tracy Chapman

by “the wild magnolia”

“A Place in the Sun”

Friday, March 7, 2014

Looking Back

I am waiting now to hear from Yahoo.  For about the umpteenth time I am hacked.

My bank account was hacked two weeks ago.  ;0(

Yahoo shows me with a Singapore account.  Whattttttttttt?

We’ll see what they have to say.  Me thinks I will only pay online if there is Paypal offered.

Thursday was heart doctor day .  Bleh!  I will be having another cardiac catheterization on March 20.  I “failed” my stress test.  Oops!  So in they go to see what they can see.

Still making sunshine over here in this part of the world.
Yellow Blaze Hibiscus
Looking back - Kentucky - Land Between the Lakes