My photo. Pelican Little Sarasota Bay at Blackburn Point. Florida! 2015

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Brother and Sister
The Huge Old Oak Tree
Pictures from The Odessa Visit

This week i found myself grateful for:

  • We are “on the road again”, a slow exit from Florida.
  • I’m calling it The Odessa Visit.  Darrell’s sister, Joanne lives on Lake Church, Odessa, FL.  Her one acre home place is beautiful.
  • Wandering alone taking pictures.
  • Housewife Bakery and Deli, Tampa, FL. - Guava Cream Cheese Bread Pudding.  Yum.
  • Books.
  • To have choices available.
  • Gift of life.
  • Silence.  Meditation.
  • Ability to research to my hearts content.
  • Eyesight and mobility.
  • Two days of big rain for our thirsty earth.
  • Sun on the third day, Sunday.
  • Empty Apple Snails shells at lakes edge.
  • Ladyfinger mini bananas growing near the lake.
  • Always something new to discover.
  • Sleep
  • More and more people care.  We need each other.
  • The ability to feel and intuit life.


  1. what a great list and beautiful photos

  2. Hi Sandra...thanks for stopping by my blogspot...I loved what you said about being passionate observers. This is so true about these places...we can find so much solace in them and for that I'm truly grateful for all of the senses I possess. Have a great week. Your Florida time looks so warm and lovely!