My photo. Pelican Little Sarasota Bay at Blackburn Point. Florida! 2015

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walking In The Woods on Cool Days is so Me.


Fayetteville North Carolina is a fine place.  Lazy Acres is a blessed place for me to be. Love the sandy pines and black jack oaks.  Down a path, walk on copper colored pine needles, walk fast down an incline to an emerald, see to the bottom, pond.

Weather is cool and soft, wind softly blows my hair.  I can walk any time of day and not sweat.

Working with eBlogger and wanting a few changes in my blog.  Hope you all hang around.

the wild magnolia

“Life is a dream, realize it.” - Mother Teresa


  1. some rain , some wind but overall fine weather for a walk here too dear Sandi.
    isn't that blue-grey color of those tree trunks in your pictures gorgeous, fine shots, enjoy, xx