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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Sad Comfort

Watching Ulee's Gold, for the umpteenth time, although it is a sad movie. I love bees, and tupelo honey, and north Florida. This movie is a sad comfort for me. This movie is old Florida and the mind of old Florida people. Privacy, keep your family business private, take care of your own problems. Hard hard work. Honesty, always.  I think of my Granddaddy and Aunt Martha Jane, and Uncle Herbert, and Daddy....they were old Florida. Period.  I miss them, one and all.

Pure and simple, this movie gets me thinking, takes me back to my childhood!  

As for Ulee's Gold, a story, a family, it could be your family.
Hard times, bad decisions.
A Father's love, a Grandfather's love
Karma comes calling.
You do what you have to do.
Somewhere along the line, in gentle time, the family pulls together, and rises to their best selves.

We all want to be our best, don’t we?!!!

Have a good day, every single one of you.

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  1. I'll have to look for this film… I'm glad even though it was sad it brought back happy memories for you.