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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heroin ~ No Mercy

How is it possible to feel profound loss for someone I never knew?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

July 23, 1967 - February 2, 2014

46 years old.

gone to soon.....






and so much more.....

Heroin - shows - no mercy.

let there never be a first time to use.......

July 23, 1967 - February 2, 2014


  1. this is what i do. i work with addicts. losing phillip seymour hoffman broke my heart but if it shines a light on how indiscriminate and deadly this disease is, then his life means something. heroin always wins. each time you stick a needle in your arm, you put a bullet in the chamber. you will shoot yourself in the head eventually. it is the plague that no one wants to address. i see people every day that will be dead tomorrow. these are not bad people. they have a disease no different than someone having diabetes. if you don't manage your disease each and every day, you will die, rehab is not the answer, it is the first step. then the real work begins. addicts need to be aware each and every day that if they are not vigilantly monitoring their disease, they will die. most people really don't understand this disease. so sorry for ranting but i am passionate about this.

  2. rant on.......i agree...we need to wake up. you do a worth wile work.

  3. My dear, it's still dark outside here and a fierce wind is blowing but your mexican sunflowers put a smile on my face. We have snowdrops, the first crocuses came peeping through and though still winter gently i've been dreaming of spring. I look at your lambs and strawberries, softness and sweetness, yes it's all there ahead of me, lovely surprises each time again.

    and than your last post...very sad and heart breaking, what ever someone's problems or pain are, heroin will never solve or heal them but sadly enough they realise that when it's already too late,
    lifes are waisted, relations destroyed, heroin just brings a lot of pain, it's good to bring that to the attention.
    i can only admire people that keep on trying to help and support them.

    wishing you a beautiful day dear Sandi, xx

    1. snowdrops, i haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing these in person. crocuses either! here in Florida USA we are having temps in the mid 80's.

      i was especially sad about the loss of Phillip Hoffman.

  4. I have worked with addicts for the past 20 years. As a disease, addiction is a lifetime battle that must be taken one day at a time, and sadly, relapse happens far too often. One thing that has always amazed me is that when people die from shooting a certain batch of heroin, the other addicts with all run to get this 'good stuff''.

    1. two of my blog friends have said they work with addicts. i did not know this! a worth wile occupation of the heart.

  5. Indeed, gone too soon....................