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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Visit to Barbara's Barnyard

Two of eight Dogs...
8 months old - Chocolate Lab
The Hens at Nag's Head & their Eggs
Mustang Sally (a rescue Mustang) & east side Last Horse
Nickering for their Food - Hawkeye in the front
Norman - Texas Longhorn (raised from a calf)
Hydrangea and Rosemary at the Front Door - good luck
Gone to Seed

We worked together for almost 15 years.  She made me laugh, she taught me things.  She is one, of my two BFF’s, a true friend.  My friend, Barbara.

It was a good visit, I have always enjoyed her animals.  There are bees I forgot to visit.  

There were tears on my cheeks as I drove away!

To show you God has a sense of humor, both my BFF’s are name Barbara Jean.....both are good with money!

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