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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Lunch......Catfish and Steamer Mixed

Friday Lunch

Pan Fried Catfish (rinse,pat dry, soak a bit in lemon juice, brush with mayo, dredge in yellow & white cornmeal, spray nonstick pan with Canola oil.  Cook over med low heat, cover and watch carefully until brown on each side)

Birdseye Steamer:  Multi Grain with Spinach Tomato and Onion.  Mixed with my fried fish.  I added extra tomatoes after cooking and mixing.

Yum Yum.  I just discovered steamers, there are gazillions, delicious meals quick!

Happy Weekend Wherever YOU are!


  1. Looks good. I haven't tried those steamers yet. They don't have them where I shop. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

  2. You have given me an idea.
    Hope my local store carries them :)
    Sometimes difficult to cook for one...