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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Conversations With the Universe


We arrived in Ft. Ogden Friday afternoon.  The temperature was 72 degrees, today 79 degrees with scattered rain. We set up the RV in our new spot.  

The northerner’s are here and more on the way.  Darrell has been out doing his meet and greet, with Molly, I am happy to socialize at potlucks.  I am friendly but private.  You will be greatly surprised to know there are campground politics.  YaYa.

It remains a curiosity, this Black Friday, the name should be a clue.  There is nothing I want bad enough to join the masses and behave in the manner of some.  Could be our values are skewed?!

This was on Facebook and feels right to me.  And so I share it with you all.
I like to converse with the universe, don’t you?!  Imagining our good conversations help the universe, and in turn, all of us.  We are all one.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers.  Wishing all good things to settle in your lives.

and now a few last morning in Lake City Florida.
The Otter, in pond, City Park Campground, Lake City, FL.
The otter's tail and he disappears under water.
The sun worshipers.


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  1. I'm afraid to leave the house on Black Friday - no thank you to that level of consumerism. Or any level of it, really. Our culture needs to refocus the lens.